Adult Tap

Tap is a great aerobic exercise.

We have there classes at HHDC: Beginners, Improvers and Intermediates.

Beginners: for those completely new to tap dance. You will learn will learn basic tap steps gradually developing different rhythms and sequences. The class consists of a warm-up, step vocabulary and fun routines (sometimes with a prop!!)

Improvers: for those with some tap dance experience. This faster paced class will develop previous tap knowledge, introducing new steps and more complex sequences. Basic timesteps and picks up will be introduced and rhymicLly challengning routines will help you develop your skills.

Intermediates: for experienced tappers (at least silver medal or grade 6). This fast class will build on your knowledge, with complex and unusual exercises and sequences. A variety of time steps, wings and pick ups will keep you on your toes! Challenging routines using syncopation, tract time and off beats will challenge both your feet and your brain!